80th Anniversary Celebrations


We will be completing several events to recognise the 80th Anniversary of Upwey Primary School this year. The major events will be:

  • Early Days/Old Time Classroom – Dressing Up in old time clothes/costume to attend school onMonday 18th and Tuesday 19th August (our actual anniversary date)
  • Lessons from the Early Days – Grade rotations on Monday 18th August to complete 4 different activities for the day from 11:30 to 1:00 and from 2-3:30(Old Time Games, Using the “Slate”, Art Work of the 1930s, Damper Making)
  • School Parade on Tuesday 19th August to the original site of the school and through the Upwey Township. (We will invite any past students or parents to attend the parade.)
  • Stars In the Yarra Ranges – Mount Burnett Observatory staff will be running the astronomy evening from 5:30 – 8:30 pm on Tuesday 19th August.
  • Celebrating 80 Years Mural (Date yet to be set) – grades will be completing time lines in decades from the opening of the school and researching world or local events that made headlines for each decade.
  • Time Capsule (Date yet to be set)  – adding items of interest for each classroom to be opened in 20 years’ time at the 100th Anniversary of Upwey Primary School.

I am encouraging all parents to plan and prepare for the old time dressing up so that the activity can be as authentic as possible. Please consider old fashioned clothing and look at the old photos in the foyer if you are not sure about styles!


6 Responses to “80th Anniversary Celebrations”

  1. Lesley Culhane Nee Hartley

    Will look forward to these events 18th and 19th. My sister, our brothers and myself attended 4530. Starting 1949. Will also let friends know.

  2. Marijke

    Wishing I could be there too.
    Holland is just too far away! Enjoy!
    Marijke Killies-Nieuwendaal.

  3. Kathryn Pullyblank nee Sands

    I was at UPS from 1971-1976. Such a lovely school! I hope the eightieth birthday celebrations are wonderful.

  4. John Bailey

    I attended Upwey Primary School for only a short time in 1964, before transferring to Upwey South. My father (Warwick Bailey) went there in the late 30’s to 40’s. His brother (Edward) and Sister (Marg) also went there in the 30’s. I was interested in the photo of Grade 3, 1963. I can name three in this photo. Back row, 5th from the right is Zane Brascher. From row, 2nd from the right is Brent Pearson. Blonde boy holding the sign is Alex Fitcher.

  5. hi my name is linda and I went to upwey state school was wondering if any one had the names of the people in the photos 1961 and 1963. As I do not have any kid photos of myself I would like to confirm its me in them. that would be amazing. Thank you Kind regards Linda

  6. Anne Unsworth (nee Stephens)

    Hi Linda 1963 Photo with Teacher Mr. Dacy. I am in the second bottom row on 4th from the Left next to me is Susan Hicks, next to her is Kaye Craven, do not know who the boy is. Also in this photo is Deborah Broughton, Jill Brooker, Annie De jong, Robyn Mortimer, Jean Kelly. This was what was called a combination Class 4,5, &6. I hope this helps.


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