A recreation from where it all began in 1934

Where it all began

The Original Site of Upwey P.S.


whole school 14

The students played their part to a tee!


2 Responses to “A recreation from where it all began in 1934”

  1. Glenda Barber (nee Bowers)

    I was a student at Upwey Primary, from 1955 to 1962. I then went on to Upwey High School. I miss my school days very much. I am almost 66 yrs old now. I am in a couple of the photo’s. Thank you for this site, it has bought back many fond memories.
    Glenda Barber

    • Hi Glenda, sorry for the late response.
      We love hearing from our past students, unfortunately don’t have the man power to check all posts. We are happy to share any history we might have stored.
      Will look into the years you were here.
      Kind regards


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