A beautiful day for some Winter Sports



On Wednesday students from Year Four to Six travelled to participate in our local Winter Sports Round Robin. We were so lucky that the sun was shining for the occasion, making it a beautiful day to be out and about. Sue and I walked with our Volleyball team to Tecoma PS to play four games against local schools. Although we weren’t fortunate enough to win a game, we did have a wonderful time and it was great to see the student’s skills improving as we progressed through each round. We will certainly be practising some of our skills in upcoming PE lessons, in preparation for future competitions!

Our Netball team, led by Ms. Wood and Mrs. Bush was highly competitive and won every game, coming second overall in the competition. Well done guys!

Our Teeball team led by Mr. Aspinall who very kindly offered to help us out for the day, won one of their games. Students reported back that they too improved a lot during each game.

Our Soccer team, led by Mrs. Lambert also had an enjoyable day winning four out of their five games and making it through to the semi-final.



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