It was a Giggly kind of day yesterday!


Moustache day


Welcome back! It’s Term Two!


We hope that everyone enjoyed a fantastic holiday. It has been lovely to see our student’s smiling faces back at school this week and to hear about the exciting adventures they got up to on the holidays.

This term we also welcome George Cartright who is our new BASC Co-ordinator! Many of you would already know George as she has three daughters at our school. We thank George for the work she has done in ensuring a smooth transition for our regulars who attend the program. I know the new menu items and timetabling has been a hit.

We also welcome Laura Gould to our school who is completing her professional practice component of her Education degree. Laura will be with us in Prep/One C for the next ten weeks assisting and working in conjunction with Mrs. Christofis. Lauren Bennet will continue her work in Year 2/3E on Wednesdays as she completes her placement as a part of her Certificate in Education Support.

Hosting these volunteers and assisting them in their studies adds to the richness of our school and demonstrates to our students that Upwey PS is a place of learning for all of us, not just our students.

Laura Caddy




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