Junior School Council

The Junior School Council provides a forum for students to communicate their ideas to parents, teachers and the wider educational community. It thereby enables the students at Upwey Primary School to contribute to decisions affecting their learning environment and to share in the responsibility for implementing those decisions.


  1. To provide genuine opportunities for students to learn of and participate in the government and decision-making processes at Upwey Primary School.
  2. To allow the student councillors at Upwey to take responsibility for a program budget, both its preparation and expenditure.
  3. To provide an opportunity for students to learn meeting procedures and appropriate record keeping within a meaningful context.


  1. Junior School Council should encourage students to be more responsible and accountable to their peers for their actions and behaviours.
  2. Each class shall elect a representative to the Student Council with Prep and Grade 1 students having the Grade 5 and 6 students acting in a mentor role. Representative responsibility is to communicate class requests and actions taken.
  3. Two senior members of the Junior School Council will be regularly provided with opportunities to report to and liaise with staff and School Council.
  4. One or two staff members should be responsible for assisting the principal in helping the Junior School Council to achieve its goals.
  5. Members of the Junior School Council should have the opportunity to conduct the school assembly at least once a term.
  6. Junior School Council members are to utilise appropriate meeting procedures and maintain appropriate records as part of the process.