I attended Upwey State School in 1954 I am 67 years old so that makes it 61 years ago. My father owned a Real Estate Agency in Upwey and he flew the fire spotting plane. I have wonderful memories of attending the Upwey State School.

Jennifer Schoon - Past Student

We recently moved from Rowville to Tecoma and I looked at numerous schools for my daughter.   We decided on Upwey Primary and it was the best decision I ever made.  My daughter came from a school of over 700 students to Upwey’s 94 students and was immediately made to feel welcome by all the other students, teachers and parents.  What I love about the school is that being so small, everybody knows everybody, we know everyone’s name and each student is given all the attention that they need.  It’s a real family environment at the school and all the staff genuinely care for each and every student.  Upwey Primary has far exceeded my expectations and I know my daughter has been given a great advantage in life by going to such a caring, educational and family-orientated school.”

Samantha, Paul & Family (2014)

I attended Upwey Primary from 1978 to 1984 from prep to grade 6. I loved each and every day there. My teachers were the best, I still remember each and every one of them and they will always have a special place in my. Especially Mr Barry Humphries my grade 4 teacher he was just the most amazing inspirational teacher I ever had there. Upwey Primary is the best school ever, its good to see they still have the same shirt uniform style as I had. I live in Bundaberg now but would love more than anything to move back to Upwey have my daughter and son go there and Upwey High.

Simone Heweton - Past Student

My family and I moved down to Melbourne, from Queensland in 2010.  Upwey Primary School was the first school we considered for our three children and after having had our interview with the Principal we knew we didn’t need to look any further.

We were instantly welcomed into the school community.  The teachers are totally focussed on the well-being of the children and their learning.  Each child is individually catered for in terms of their academic ability, as well as being provided with the opportunity to enjoy various sporting activities, school excursions and incursions and, of course, school camp.

Upwey Primary School provides a positive, happy and safe environment for their students and as a parent that is very important to us.

So if you want to be welcomed into a school community that will become an extension of your own family, Upwey Primary School is the place to come.

Sue Comello - Current Parent