Today at U.P.S.






Classroom Activities

 As I visit the classrooms it is wonderful to see all the students busy and engaged. The ‘Spelling Mastery’ program has been successfully implemented and the teachers are tracking the students’ progress. We are looking forward to analysing the student learning data in spelling and the NAPLAN spelling results later in the year, and evaluating the success of this approach. The teachers are also at varying stages of implementing the ‘Oxford Maths’ program. The ‘Oxford Maths’ program incorporates the use of technologies, as well as workbook based activities. There’s plenty happening in the Art program under the dedicated direction of Ms Kittredge too. The Year 5/6’s are busy creating self-portraits. In Grade 4/5 the students have made some very creative ‘Giving Trees’ out of wire and beads and you can see these on display near the Library. All of the students across the school have contributed to canvases of ‘Beach Houses’ which will be sold by auction later in the year.



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