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A big thank you to those who attended the Twilight Working Bee last week and did such terrific work. We had a small but very enthusiastic and hardworking band of workers and we completed several jobs. There a still a few more jobs to complete before the end of term so if you are able to spend a little time this weekend or next week this would be much appreciated. Mowing and brush cutting on the slope are two of the main jobs still to complete. Thanks to Wendell H (Buildings and Grounds) for organising the working bee.


Our children in Grade 5/6W attended the Transition Experience Open Afternoon at Upwey High on Wednesday this week along with several other primary schools, under the supervision of Ms Wood. They enjoyed classes in Science, PE, Art, Philosophy amongst others. They had a most interesting afternoon and were able to mix with other local primary children in the classes. Another wonderful transi-tion activity to help our children familiarise with secondary school organisation.



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  1. Lorry Ciantar

    Dear sir madam, I attended Upwey primary in 1983 to 1984 when my mother died in a car accident in grade six. The school support and my grade six teacher were amazing to me . Thank you for the great memories and education in that brief time at the school when attending. Great scull and great teachers.
    Kind Regards
    Lorry Ciantar


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