What a fantastic Term 1 @ U.P.S.










Acting Principal’s Report

It is difficult to believe that we are already at the end of the term and what a term it has been! I feel very touched by the warm welcome I received when I first began and how quickly everyone has welcomed me into the community.

McClelland Sculpture Park Excursion

Thursday last week we all remembered to arrive nice and early so were able to leave on time for our excursion to McClelland Sculpture Park. The weather was just perfect which allowed us all to participate in both the indoor and outdoor activities. The imagination and ingenuity displayed by the Sculptures was amazing and I know that we all had a favourite. I’m looking forward to returning again in my own time so that I can spend even more time appreciating the creativity of the artists. The students were also able to create their own masterpieces, many of which came home. Thanks to Ms Eeles for her excellent organisational skills as it is no mean feat to organise a whole school excursion!





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