Woohoo! We are Finalists!

Upwey Primary School Leader Local Grants

Please vote for our School, click on the link below and share around 🙂


Upwey Primary School recently submitted an entry in the Leader Local Grants, asking for funding to rebuild the deck on out BASC room. I’m excited to announce we have been named a finalist! Now we need your help. Please visit the website above, create an account and vote for us. Help us out by asking family and friends ti vote too!


2 Responses to “Woohoo! We are Finalists!”

  1. I am voting for Upwey primary school, I have 2 grandchildren attending and I believe it is a wonderful caring school that can do with all the help they can get to continue to succeed like that.

  2. Last September I visited from New Zealand, family who live in Upway and 4 of my Great Nieces and Nephews attend Upwey Primary School. I write children’s illustrated books and was invited by my youngest great niece to read one of my books to her class. I was very impressed with the caring, friendly atmosphere and the confident and insightful questions the children asked me. I feel all the students will benefit in having such a very great start to their education and being a smaller school an enormous plus. Upwey Primary School absolutely deserve to be given the grant.


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