Our Year 3 & 4 Students had a fantastic time at the Log Cabin Ranch!















LOG CABIN RANCH 3/4 by Hayden W

Last Monday, classes 3/4 went to Log Cabin Ranch at Monbulk. Everyone enjoyed it. On the first night we had a disco. We played corners and a really fun game where you stand on newspaper. I know it sounds weird but it was hilarious. The talent quest was really fun as well. Charlotte, Charlotte and Caitlin won with the cup song. The show ended with a bang when almost everyone got in their sleeping bags and went worm crazy! On our last day we had a lot of fun. At 3 o’clock we packed our bags and went home. We were sad to be leaving so soon, but we were also happy to see our parents. It was a fun camp and a memory we will always keep.




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