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Regular attendance is one of the most important elements in providing your child with a quality education. Absences are a handicap to a child’s progress. However, ‘home’ is the best place for a sick child. A sick child cannot do effective work and may pose a health risk to other children. WE follow the “It’s Not Okay To Be Away, Unless Ill” principle.


Proper Clothing

It is important that your child wears clothing which will permit them to participate fully (especially in regard to Physical Education Lessons) in the educational programs which are presented. Our school uniform policy selection process has been undertaken with this point very firmly in mind. Please DO NOT allow your child to wear thongs or clogs to school as these do not provide proper protection.

Asthma Sufferers
Please supply a labelled inhaler/“puffer” to be kept at school. Student Asthma Action Plan forms should be completed by parents. These outline all relevant information required for teachers and first aid staff.

Accidents at School
In the case of accidents, or sudden illnesses, the following procedures will be followed:


Serious Cases:
A teacher will give help and remain with the student until appropriate assistance arrives. An ambulance may be called. The Principal or most senior teacher will be notified and parents immediately contacted. If the school is unable to contact any parent or guardian listed on the emergency contact list, medical treatment deemed necessary will be undertaken at the discretion of the Principal or senior staff member. Any costs incurred will be the responsibility of the parents.


Minor Cases:
If a student becomes mildly unwell or suffers a minor accident, appropriate first aid will be given. The parent is notified if it is considered necessary that the child be taken home. If it is considered that further follow up attention may be required, written notification is sent home with the child.

Emergency Information
In case of accident or illness, you may need to be contacted in a hurry. In anticipation of this possibility, you will be asked to complete an ‘Information Sheet’ at the commencement of each year. Please complete and return this sheet to the school as soon as possible. If it becomes necessary for you to alter, or add to this sheet during the course of the year (eg. In response to a change of occupation, address, name of neighbour or friend listed or change in telephone number etc.) please notify the school without delay. Prompt notification of these changes is essential.


Infectious Diseases
Departmental regulations prohibit students suffering from a number of infectious medical conditions from attending school. Please contact the school office if you require details or advice. Your support in complying with these rules will be appreciated.

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