The School is divided into 2 working areas:

Junior (Prep – 2)

Senior (Years 3 – 6). 


We aim to keep class sizes as small as possible, especially in the early years, while at the same time providing a number of specialist programs.

Upwey Primary School also offers the Early Years of Literacy program and works with the Early Years of Numeracy Program. The Literacy program features aspects of English such as Speaking & Listening, Reading and Writing.  The children are provided with an environment in which they are immersed in the spoken and written language and in which every attempt on their part is met with praise and encouragement.  In such a supportive environment, correct modelling is the key to the child’s progress.


The school also participates in the Smart Words Spelling Program which is based on explicit teaching and learning of spelling sounds and rules. This program is sequential and children can progress to higher levels according to their spelling ability.

The mathematics curriculum follows a sequential course supplemented by well equipped classrooms and a large range of teacher resources.  The base resource is Maths Plus and all children use a student workbook for the core elements of numeracy. The emphasis here, as in the language program, is on the close alignment of skills and concepts with the functions they fulfil in everyday life.

Core and specialist areas of the curriculum are enhanced by the integration of further special programs at Upwey Primary School.


These include:


Perceptual Motor Program

The P.M.P. program in the Junior school provides a range of experiences to enhance motor (muscular) co-ordination and assist with concept development, language, and social skills during the students’ early school years.

Environment Education

An appreciation of the flora and fauna of our environment is fostered by classroom and practical experiences involving the school sanctuary.

Outdoor Education

A well developed outdoor education program, including camping experiences for students in Year 3 to 6, seeks to provide children with opportunities for personal growth and fulfilling recreational options for their future. The Year 5 & 6 Camp to Beechworth staying at The Old Priory is an experience relating the historical context of early settlements in Australia.


15 Darling Avenue, 
Upwey Vic 3158 

Telephone: (03) 9754 2369 


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