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We are a TRIBES school!

What does being a Tribes school mean?

We uphold the principles of being a Tribes Learning Community by expounding the foundation Tribes Agreements that are part of our everyday learning experiences.

The following agreements assist and guide Upwey Primary School to develop a strong foundation that is interwoven through all learning experiences and relationships.


Integrity – display truth, honesty, responsibility, loyalty and courage

Respect – show respect, fairness, strength, consideration and sincerity

Resilience – develop courage, initiative, flexibility, humour and ability to “bounce back”

Personal Best – striving for personal excellence

Kindness - putting others first and caring for all

About Tribes

(Extract from

Thousands of schools throughout the United States, Canada, Australia and other countries have become Tribes Learning Communities, safe and caring environments in which kids can do well! After years of “fix-it” programs focused on reducing student violence, conflict, drug and alcohol use, absenteeism, poor achievement, etc., educators and parents now agree, creating a positive school or classroom environment is the most effective way to improve behavior and learning. The Tribes TLC® process is the way to do it.


Students achieve because they:

  • feel included and appreciated by peers and teachers

  • are respected for their different abilities, cultures, gender, interests and dreams

  • are actively involved in their own learning

  • have positive expectations from others that they will succeed.


The clear purpose of the Tribes process is to assure the healthy development of every child so that each one has the knowledge, skills and resiliency to be successful in a rapidly changing world.

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