Upwey Primary School has a detailed Emergency Management Plan (EMP) that outlines responsibilities, procedures and actions in the event of an emergency. We have three evacuation places if the EMP calls for it. The on-site evacuation location is the school Art Room. The two off-site locations are the Upwey High School oval or Upwey Main St, depending on the emergency. Parents are asked to call the school directly on 9754 2369 to obtain information during any emergency.


Upwey Primary School is on the DEECD’s Bushfire At-Risk Register. This means that if a Code Red day is declared by the CFA, the school will be pre-emptively closed. Once the decision to close is made at 12 noon the previous day, it will not be changed no matter the circumstances. For further information about a Code Red day, read the FAQ.


If an emergency should occur, the school emergency management team is quickly established to support and meet the needs of students and families.

If there is an emergency situation during the school day, the safety and wellbeing of students will be the highest priority. No student details will be released to anyone other than those authorised on their enrolment form.

To assist schools to prepare for and manage emergencies, we ask you to:

  • ensure your child’s emergency contact details held by the school are up to date

  • ensure school staff are alerted to any special medical or dietary requirements of your child

  • notify the school principal of any emergency situation involving your child.