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"Young people spend a significant amount of time at school and therefore school environments need to be supportive of students being physically active. School sport and physical education programs are an important part of a comprehensive approach to providing this support."

Hon Bronwyn Pike MP (source)

Upwey Primary School recognises the importance of physically activity in a child’s development. We work hard to achieve the recommended minimum requirement of three hours per week of physical activity for each child. We have a specialist Physical Education program that all students participate in once a week. This program is lead by Andi Kittridge who is a passionate advocate of sport, especially athletics and equestrian riding. The prep students also participate in the P.M.P program which is ran by the classroom teacher and very helpful parents. The classroom teachers run other structured physical activities like “Play is the Way”. This program is designed to develop teamwork, resilience, communication and many other skills in a fun and engaging way.

Students at Upwey Primary School also have the opportunity to participate in a range of extra curricula sporting events throughout the year. These include:


Basketball Clinics

House Athletics

Swimming Lessons


Hooptime (Basketball)


Lawn Bowls - Grade 5/6

Inter-school Sports - Grade 5/6

Winter Sports (Soccer, Tee Ball, Netball, AFL) - Grade 5/6

Summer Sports (Basketball, Cricket, Volleyball) - Grade 5/6

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