I completed my final teaching practicum at Upwey Primary School in 2005, and was employed from the beginning of 2006. I have, in that time, been a classroom teacher, Welfare Coordinator, PE teacher, Art teacher and Environmental Ed teacher. I absolutely love my job! Especially since becoming the Art teacher in


Mrs Andi Kittridge

Upwey Primary School feels that Art is a very important part of a child’s education. That is why we have a specialist art teacher run the program. Each student will attend art once a week, for 1 hour.

"The arts are one of the main ways that humans define who they are. They often express a sense of community and ethnicity. Because the arts convey the spirit of the people who created them, they can help young people to acquire inter- and intra- cultural understanding. The arts are not just multi-cultural, they are transcultural; they invite cross-cultural communication. They teach openness towards those who are different from us. By putting us in touch with our own and other people’s feelings, the arts teach one of the great civilizing capacities – how to be empathetic. To the extent that the arts teach empathy, they develop our capacity for compassion and humaneness".

Dr Neryl Jeanneret, Faculty of Education, Univeristy of Newcastle

2014. I get to know all of the students and be creative. I love teaching a subject where there is no wrong answer and students can put their personalities into their art.

I run a lot in my spare time and have played soccer for years, so I also love teaching PE, and helping students to enjoy physical activity. Welfare is also a special role for me, as it allows me to work with targeted groups of students as part of our Success For All Program. I have 3 kids (Mackenzie 19, Oliver 16 and Emersyn 9) a husband and too many animals to count! I love riding my horses on the weekend, going for runs in the bush with my dogs and having lazy mornings with coffee!


15 Darling Avenue, 
Upwey Vic 3158 

Telephone: (03) 9754 2369 


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