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The “old white” double storey building was officially opened in 1947. Upwey Primary School offers our students an attractive setting, extensive grounds and a variety of playgrounds. We have modern buildings and are located on a natural picturesque site that takes advantage of the beauty of the Dandenong Ranges. All of the buildings are located on a level section of land adjacent to Burwood Highway.

We are very lucky and in an unique situation where our outdoor area is enormous, even when considering the population of the school. Upwey High School is just next door, which makes drop off time much easier for larger families. Upwey train station and Main St are a safe, two minute walk through the Burwood Hwy underpass. Sherbrooke Family & Children’s Centre is location even closer. The Yarra Ranges Council’s newest building houses leading edge childcare and Maternal and Child Health services for the community.




Our vision is to provide engaging and effective teaching based on our core values and the best, most up-to-date Australian educational practice enabling children at our schools to achieve their academic ambitions and lifetime careers. At the same time we nurture their individual talents and emphasise the importance of educating the whole child with attention to their physical, emotional and social development. We are determined to make a positive difference to the future of our pupils and their families, the careers of our staff, as well as contributing to the wider community.


Upwey Primary School has been a symbol in our community of excellence in education since 1934. Our vision is to continue and enhance that commitment by providing an environment which will nurture and enhance the special academic talents and unlock all potential of all enrolled at Upwey Primary School.



The community of Upwey is one of great history, pride and tradition. Since the 1930's Upwey Primary School has educated the children of this beautiful community and continues to cultivate the academic achievements of the children and grandchildren of many past students.  Directly across the highway, conveniently connected by the safe and thoroughly maintained underpass, is the "Main Street" where parents can meet for coffee after drop off, do a spot of grocery shopping at the local IGA or sit down for a quiet breakfast at any one of the cafes catering for any number of tastes. The community of Upwey welcomes you as does the community of Upwey Primary School. 

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